In 'London Group" Exhibition.

Mrs Ursula Rees-Roberts, the well-known Farnham artist, who is on the staff of Farnham Art School, and is the daughter of Mr Otway McCannell, former principal of the art school, is an exhibitor in the 'London Group' exhibition, now on show at the R.B.A. Galleries, off Pall Mall. Mrs Rees-Roberts's exhibit is a painting entitles 'Boys by the River', a lively composition cleverly executed in tones of blue.

Unfortunately, the painting is hung in a room so gloomy that the works shown therein cannot be seen at their best. In the same room is a painting by another artist with Farnham associations. 'Mr Flower's Garden' by Robert Hurdle is a pleasant landscape viewed from a country back garden.

Mr Hurdle is the son of Mr A E Hurdle, who lives in Shortheath Crest, Farnham. A lecturer in painting and anatomy at the West of England College of Art, Bristol, he is a regular exhibitor to West Country art shows and has previously exhibited a number of times in the London Group.


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