Nightingale Valley c1970 oil 122 x 122cm
Spring Gorge c1972 oil 90.5 x90.5cm
Winter Gorge c1972 oil 90.5 x90.5cm
Winter Estuary c1975 oil 122 x 122cm
Estuary Drift 1975 oil
Estuary Sun Path 1976-80 oil 106 x 122cm
Wide Estuary 1977 oil 77 x 153.5cm
Estuary Sundown 1979 oil 53.5 x 72.5cm
Severn Estuary Evening 1980c oil 53 x 71.5cm
Salmon Traps, Severn c1980 oil 52.5x70.5cm
Sun Down, Severn Bridge I c1980 oil 50.x 71.5cm
Sea Mist, Clevedon c1980 oil 50 x 72cm
Sun Down, Severn Bridge II 1c980 oil 49.5 x 71.5cm
Shadow of the Bridge
c1980 oil 67 x 57cm
Moon over the River Wye c1980c oil 53.5 x 72.5cm
Laughan view from boat house 1995 oil 122 x 90.2

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