Chew Magna c1970 (unfinished) oil 54.5 x 74.7cm
Clouds over Toghill 1973 oil 122x122cm
Cornfield 1978-82 oil 107 x 107cm
Passing Clouds, Toghill c1980
oil 148x148cm
Monet's Pond c1980 oil 53.5 x 72cm
Meadow, Ashton Court c1980 oil 50 x 72cm
Black Thorne on the Mendip c1980 35x49cm
Windswept Barley I c1980 oil 59.5 x 75cm
Barley c1980 oil 91.5 x122cm
Wheat Field c1980 oil 76 x 122cm
Field Edge c1980 oil 91.5 x 122cm
Field Edge II 1980c oil 91.5x 122cm
Ripe c1980 oil 152.5 x 152.5cm
Ripe II c1980 oil 106.5 x 122cm
Ripe III c1980 oil 91.5 x 122cm
Wheat c1980 oil 60 x 74.5cm
Wheat Field c1980 oil 76.5 x 76.5cm
Windswept Barley II c1980 oil 122 x 152.5cm
Early Standing Wheat c1980
oil 90.7x90.5cm
Bare Hill, Hampshire c1985 oil 75 x 151cm
Bathampton Idyll 1982 oil 52 x 72cm
Sussex Downs c1990 oil 33.5 x 50cm
Field of Flax c1990 oil 41.5 x 53.5cm
St Just 1991 oil 50 x 71.5cm
Hill Farm, Nr Saint Maurin
1993 oil 71.5 x 53cm

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